Metal Recycling

The leading metal recycler in the Scottish Borders

Whether you are a householder, a tradesperson or a site manager, J Berry Metals pay the best prices for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Selling metal to us is easy, fast and efficient. You can bring your metal direct to us, we can uplift large quantities of metal direct from you, or we can provide skips or containers on site depending on your requirements.

Our Equipment

Liebherr Material Handler in Selkirk

Liebherr Material Handler

Capable of a 5-tonne lift, allows us to quickly and efficiently process oversize scrap and large quantities of material.

Metals Skip Truck in Selkirk

Metals Skip Truck

This gives us the speed and flexibility to drop off skips for collection when ready, or to uplift larger quantities of metal direct throughout the region.

Cable stripper Selkirk

Cable stripper

Because we can process different types of cable on site, we can pay higher prices for cable to customers.


This provides compact bales of metal for ease of transport, storage and greater capacity.

Hand shearing

Through hand shearing, we can maximise the recyclability of a product, ensuring that raw materials are fully optimised and nothing goes to waste.